Limit the volume on your Mac

Earsafe is an app for OSX, which helps you be mindful of your hearing. 👂

Earsafe app

Why should you care?

Hearing loss is permanent

As people’s ear hair don’t regenerate, the damage you can create is irreversible. That’s why you need to be cautious about it.

You won’t likely notice the damage

Hearing loss is a long and slow process. You may find yourself listening to music on a higher volume level from time to time.

Our parents / relatives were right

You might have heard your mom telling you that listening to music on our headphones, earbuds can harm us. Well, it turned out to be true. 😱

You can still save your hearing

By paying attention to how loud or how long you listen to anything, you can make a change in your habits. Earsafe helps you in this.


Limit setting of each output

Limit the volume for each output individually

Earsafe will always apply the appropriate limit of the given output even after a computer restart.

Preferences screen

Child lock 🧒 & Launch at login

You can prevent your children’s hearing loss with Earsafe’s child lock feature. It requires Touch ID or user password to toggle the lock.

Who cares about this: